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Using iOS Family Sharing, one can easily share photos, videos, family calendar, contacts, messages, call logs or even location.

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Yes, you have heard it right. Location sharing is possible with iOS Family Sharing function. Read the below step by step guide. Send the invitation to all your family members.

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Step 2: Open "Settings" on the other iPhone device, tap on the "iCloud" and swipe up to scroll down. This will share the location of that iPhone device with all the Family members that are present in the family sharing.

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  • How to track an iPhone using Find My iPhone!

Step 4: You can view the location of that particular device using iCloud. Engaging with this application, iOS user can share the location with their family and friend. The working of this app is nearly same as Find My iPhone but, it is only used to locate another person. It is available at free of cost for devices that are running on iOS 8 or higher version of iOS. Want to know how to see recent locations on iPhone using Find My Friends? Follow the below guide. Step 2: After download and installation process, tap on the "Me" at the bottom of the screen and hit on the "Share My Location" to enable its toggle.

Step 4: Tap on the "Send" button that is placed in the top right corner of the screen.

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  7. Step 5: Now, you have to set the time option. Here, we are choosing "Share Indefinitely" to track the location until the target person stops the sharing manually. Now, tap on the "Don't Share" option so, target person not able to track your iPhone location.

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    So, these are steps to the question how to see recent locations on iPhone using "Find My Friends". Also, if you want to know more tips on iPhone location hacking, this article may help you:. Finding the location history on the iPhone or iPad is very easy. Apple offers an official way to know about location history in few simple steps. This is possible because Apple always tracks your location and time and stores it on their server. If you want to track the location history of iPhone then, you can follow the below steps.

    Step 1: Firstly, open the settings by tapping on the "Settings" icon. Scroll down and select "Privacy" from the given options. Step 2: Privacy interface will appear, tap on the "Location Services".

    How Do You See Someone’s Locations on Your iPhone?

    On the location services interface, one has to tap on the "System Services". Now, system services page will appear, tap on the "Frequent Locations". Step 3: After that, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find History location. Step 4: Tap on the "Area" to see the complete timeline of that particular day or time.

    Want to get notification alert when someone leaves arrives at a specific location? Well, this is possible with the help of apps like Find My Friends.

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    Using Find My Friends, one can easily locate the target device without them knowing. Find My Friends also allow the user to get a notification when someone leaves or arrives at the specific location. Once other people accept the following request. You can also set the address manually to set the location address manually. Are you not comfortable in sharing your location with anyone else? Well, you are not the only one who wants to stop their location from tracking.

    If you want to stop your own location from tracking then, you can follow the below step-by-step guide. Step 1: Open the Settings on your iPhone device by tapping on Settings app icon which is placed at springboard. Step 3: Under the location Services, tap on the System services at the bottom of the Location services page. Step 4: Simply, tap on the "Significant location" toggle to disable position.

    Verify your identity by entering a valid passcode, fingerprint, or Face data. When we talk about the best iPhone and Android phone data tracker tool, FoneMonitor is the well-known name in monitoring solution industry. You can even share your location with others so they can track your whereabouts as you go about your day. Sure, you need consent from both parties before sharing a location, but what if I were to enable Find My Friends on someone else's iPhone, then share their location to my iPhone without them knowing?

    I decided to try it out, and not only was it incredibly easy, it was also fairly incognito—once turned on, the person you're tracking never receives a notification or alert of any kind. Even if the other person decides to open Find My Friends—which most people bury in a folder anyways—it's not very apparent that they're being tracked. It simply shows that you're a follower and not a stalker. Once set up, you can monitor every movement of the person you're spying on. Not only that, but you can even set reminders for when they leave or arrive a certain location, if you want to be especially intrusive.

    How to Track an iPhone From an Android Phone

    So whether you want to keep tabs on your kids or know exactly where your significant other goes after work, I'm going to show you how to track someone's location without them knowing. On iOS 9 , which is already available , Find My Friends is a stock app that will already be on the device. Begin by opening the Find My Friends app on their iPhone, then tap on their contact picture at the bottom to enable "Share My Location" from the settings.

    Also make sure that the location is being shared from "This Device" under the "Share My Location From:" setting , as there may be other devices like an iPad that are attached to the same iCloud account. Make yourself discoverable to "Everyone", although the "Contacts Only" option will suffice as long as their iPhone has your contact information saved to it. Select "Share Indefinitely" to share their location to your iPhone for an unlimited amount of time. Once their location is shared to your device, hit "Accept.

    Tap on "Don't Share" so that they can't track your location.

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    In the Find My Friends app, simply click on their contact icon to see their exact location in realtime. You'll also see options to be notified if they leave or arrive at a certain location, so you can alert yourself when someone leaves their house or work yeah, creepy.

    Of course, all of this is probably dependent on you not getting caught. Luckily, most people won't venture into their Find My Friends app, and even if they do, they'd have to actively look at who they're sharing their location with. Either of the methods above will remove the Find My Friends app temporarily, but restarting the device will bring the app back on the home screen.

    While I don't condone tracking someone's location without their consent, I believe that it's important to be aware of how built-in features can be manipulated to take advantage of others. Yes, there's a "share location" in Google's map. Just turn it on if you get alone time with their phone. If they don't have a Google account, create one. They don't send out emails. If you share it directly to your phone, they can find out though.

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    If you just be patient and look at their "activity" later when you have alone time with their phone again, it shows a path of where they've been. If you want to keep it then photo it with your own phone, then delete it off of theirs so if they look, it'll be blank. You can even hear any voice recordings they have shared with someone else. Patience is a virtue. Plus, you can deny you know it was on. After all, it's not like you're working AT Google!

    This will work with ANY phones that have Google regardless if they're the same brand or type of phone or even computer. I cant find my hisband after he left the house after a fight. If you don't see him in Find Friends, then you'll have to wait until next to set it up on his iPad. If he doesn't have it set up, he doesn't have it set up. If you know his iCloud information, you can always use Find My iPhone to track it, but only if he has it activated on his end.

    So I know how to track someone's whereabouts, but how do I keep someone from tracking mine? I was told by Apple; if this person is tracking you using the Find iPhone app, all you need to do is change your password, so I did. I went from the numerical 4 digit to the alphanumerical 9 digit; but I'm still skeptical.