How to trace mobile location with mac address

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MAC Addresses and How They Are Used To Track You

Custom Filters release announcement. Unicorn Meta Zoo 6: Interview with Catija. Stack Overflow lets Facebook track us across their sites. Related Hot Network Questions.

Find the MAC Address for Your Mobile Device

Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Many third parties already track smartphones and tablets by picking up their user data for various purposes, mostly commercial or ad-related. Advertisers and retail stores can record location data about users in order to either serve certain location-related ads, or to better customize store layouts to maximize in-store impulse purchases.

Latanya Sweeney, the new chief technology officer at the Federal Trade Commission, has detailed in a lengthy post the potential advantages and disadvantages of retail stores tracking users by picking up Wi-Fi data. Because each device has unique MAC addresses that is relayed while looking for and establishing wireless connections, those stores that track smartphones can analyze patterns to maximize profits.

Such features can further be used to improve and personalize store experiences for shoppers, but not everybody will be thrilled by the idea of being constantly tracked.

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Well, not quite. The concern arises with the mobile devices we use, such as our smartphones, tablets, and laptops because of how Wi-Fi works. When you leave your home, do you turn off your Wi-Fi chip on your smartphone?

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Do you entirely turn off your laptop or tablet to save battery? If not, chances are these devices are automatically scanning for available Wi-Fi networks as you move around. These devices, while enabled, use a passive discovery system that listens for Wi-Fi access points nearby that are broadcasting connections, and an active discovery that will broadcast requests for an access point.

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While doing this, because of how this system is designed, your device will broadcast its MAC address as a part of the discovery request. So you might wonder how this is used to track you?

How to trace your cell phones mobile using MAC Address

Well, I will take London for an example. Recently, they have Wi-Fi enabled garbage cans all across the city, set up by advertisers, that offer free connections. These cans have Wi-Fi monitoring hardware in them, and are all networked together for consistency.

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