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Monitor any messaging app, social media as well as internet history with a keylogger. Tinder is the most widely used dating app among kids. Looking for a way to spy on Yahoo chat? Install BlurSPY and track every chat and message with the app.

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Use the screen recorder and keylogger feature to spy on Snapchat. BlurSPY empowers parents with an advanced and powerful way to spy on Line messenger, the private chat of kids and snoop on their other activities of Line messenger. It is pretty easy now with BlurSPY. Use the screen recorder as well as a keylogger to hack the instant messengers and get access to chats and messages.

Your kids might be trolling into bad company or bad habits under your own sheds and you might be unaware of it. You have to keep your kids updated with the latest gadgets which might be necessary for their social development and learning but hold on, it might be dangerous for your kids and it might disrupt their future and their personalities. They might get into bad habits or bad communications which might distract them from their future goals.

Your kids are your assets so, you should have a complete concern for their wellbeing. For monitoring your kids you can have a lot of ways which might be very difficult for you to follow.

Part 2. How to Spy on Your Kid's Phone (Guide)

This application would provide you an access to have a complete look at your kids and get all the information about their activities without letting them know. If you activate your Slider Revolution it's totally free! Learn about Activation. Join more that 1. Purchase a License. Get Naked on. Buy Now. Live Demo. Block Strangers Call Parents can block any anonymous phone calls on the phone of their kid.

Surround Recorder Record any sound or voice in the surrounding of the target device.

10 Best Phones Monitoring Apps Parents Can't-Miss

Capture Screen Shots screenshot every 15 to 60 seconds with continuous screenshot capture. Snapchat Screen Recorder Snapchat is the most widely used social app among teens. This app is geared towards adults tracking and managing their own screen time, but we like the potential of using this app to help older children and teens learn about healthy smartphone habits. However, it also has a few unique features such as an extensive library of kid-friendly books, videos, games, audiobooks, apps, and educational content.

These are the current parental control offerings from the four largest U. If you need legal advice before using parental control apps on your kids' phones, you should contact an attorney or legal counsel. Because wiretap laws vary by state, we do not advocate using smartphone parental apps to record phone calls, either audio or video. Look for apps with clear-cut reports that make it easy to track relevant information. We especially liked the colorful reports in Qustodio.

Most programs let you choose from a variety of reports, including monthly or hourly reports with graphs, lists of frequent contacts, browser history, newly installed apps, message history, calendar events, pictures taken, GPS location and keystrokes. You can set a window of time when your child can access apps and the browser and adjust it whenever needed. Some of the apps we tested allow you to remotely unlock the phone for a few minutes of open access if your child requests it. It's essential that the parental control smartphone app you choose lets you restrict access to other apps and the internet.

Choosing an invisible app can make it more difficult for your child to bypass the restrictions on their phone. Though these apps support most common smartphones and carriers, not all are compatible. It's important that you double-check the brand and model of the phone you want to monitor so you don't waste money on incompatible software. Most developers have extensive lists of compatible devices on their websites. Each of the apps in our comparison works on Android and iOS devices.

Features are generally more limited on iOS than Android because Apple maintains strict control over the operating system. You need to have physical access to the target device to install the software, as none of them can be installed remotely.

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  4. Some features require a rooted Android or jailbroken iOS device. Because of the inherent risks that come with either of these processes, we do not advocate doing so. Jump To:.

    FamilyTime (Android and iOS)

    Mobicip Versatile, powerful and trustworthy, Mobicip is the best in class. Reasons to Buy Includes 30 filter categories plus app filters. Reasons to Avoid No text alerts. Read the full Mobicip review. Qustodio The best value cell phone monitoring software on test. Reasons to Buy Is a good value. Read the full Qustodio review. Norton Family Norton Family is the best choice for mobile app blocking.

    Reasons to Buy Can block all installed apps. Teens also share too much information like personal details, locations, and images. When it comes to the reasons why parents should monitor their children and track them, we have a number of reasons. All parents love their children and are always concerned about their safety, whether they are at home and using a phone or outside of the house at school. Parents have all the best reasons to track their children.

    But here we are going to list some more important points that will convince the parents that their children are under tracking all the time.

    Apps Can Track Teens’ Web History, Texts, Phone Calls, Location - TODAY

    Every house has now an internet connection that the whole family uses. Children have their phones and tablets that they use to browse various things on the internet. They also play games, make video calls , and use social media and a lot more. The teens also share their check-in and check-out locations very often on the social media platforms. This makes them vulnerable to anyone. With their location known to everyone, the teens are not really safe. We have seen many families share their locations when they go to eat out or spend some time for entertainment.

    This trend is now increasing in the children and teens. They have also started sharing their locations whenever they are going out with friends or even alone. They post a status when they are eating at a restaurant. Such things look attractive and can impress others. But these children are risking their life and security. That means you are pretty safe on the desktop. Whereas this is not the case when it comes to phones.

    Top 8 Monitor Apps to Spy on Your Kid's Android or iPhone

    Most of the apps on a device have access to contacts, images, camera as well as the location of the device. This access to location makes the phone user vulnerable. Anytime, any app or site can access the location and track you in the background. People who want to get such details will exploit them and proper guide to parents to protect teens on digital devices.